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Sam Finkelstein, RD



Sam is a weight-inclusive, anti-diet Registered Dietitian who believes that all bodies in all stages are deserving of quality, evidence-based healthcare. Sam offers a Health At Every Size (HAES) ® and Intuitive Eating based approach, which she has cultivated from her years of experience in the world of eating disorder treatment. Sam currently works with those motivated to recover from disordered eating, as well as those requiring medical nutrition therapy for both chronic and acute conditions. All work with Sam is done through a HAES lens, which means there will be no weight goals, and no food rules. Sam's goal for all of her patients is to help them rebuild a partnership with their bodies, rooted in self-care, balance, and most importantly, enjoyment.

Sam loves the outdoors, travel, and when not helping folx find peace with their bodies, is busy pursuing a black belt in her second martial arts discipline.

You can follow Sam on Instagram for a regular dose of anti-diet goodness at the handle @SamTheDietitian


Let's start working together.

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