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Sam Finkelstein, RD



Sam is a weight-inclusive, anti-diet Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, working with patients in person in San Mateo County and the wider San Francisco Bay Area, and virtually in various locations nation-wide. Sam believes that all bodies in all stages are deserving of quality, evidence-based healthcare. Sam offers a Health At Every Size (HAES) ® and Intuitive Eating based approach, which she has cultivated from her years of experience in the world of eating disorder treatment. Sam loves using this approach to help her patients recover from eating disorders and disordered eating. Additionally, Sam is skilled at addressing nutrition-related concerns for both acute and chronic conditions through this inclusive lens. Sam's areas of specialization include eating disorders, perinatal nutrition, and support for nutrition-related concerns in early addiction recovery. While Sam is committed to HAES-aligned practice and helping you move away from weight goals, her understanding and compassion around the challenges we face when letting go of this control are what sets her apart. Her office will always be a safe space for you to explore with open-mindedness and self-compassion the factors that get in the way of partnership with your body. Reach out to Sam as a first step toward food freedom and body trust, or to get started with a non-judgmental approach to addressing your nutrition concerns. Sam works with eating disorders, disordered eating, those who are pregnant, post-partum with or without breastfeeding, those looking to conceive, GI concerns and disorders, cardiovascular health, diabetes/pre-diabetes and other blood sugar concerns, hormonal challenges, and sports nutrition for active people and athletes of all ages. Sam also loves to support those without specific nutrition-related concerns who are simply looking to learn more about how food and gentle nutrition practices may fit into their picture of fundamental self care.

Sam's goal for all of her patients is to help them rebuild a partnership with their bodies, rooted in self-care, balance, and most importantly, enjoyment.

Sam loves the outdoors, travel, and food, of course! When she's not helping patients find peace with their bodies, she is busy pursuing a black belt in her second martial arts discipline.

You can follow Sam on Instagram for a regular dose of anti-diet goodness at the handle @SamTheDietitian

Trainings & Qualifications:

B.S. in Applied Nutrition Science from Cal Poly, SLO

Registered Dietitian credentialed with CDR since 2014

Completion of CDR-Accredited Course: Nutrition for Pregnancy & Lactation


Let's start working together.

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