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Groups are a great way to gain more from your mental health and nutrition work. While learning important skills and information from our group facilitators, you will also get the opportunity to hear from peers working right alongside you. Groups offer an opportunity to relate to others, and to benefit from shared experience. If you've ever felt alone in your struggle and are looking for others to relate to, this is a great place to start. See below for our current groups.


Dietitian-Led Groups

2022 Intuitive Eating Group

Done with dieting for 2022? The experts at Beyond Measure are offering an option to help you opt out of the diet cycle this New Year. Join our Registered Dietitians and Intuitive Eating practitioners Samantha Finkelstein and Matt Arnone for an intimate 12 week group, designed to guide you through the principles of Intuitive Eating.

At the end of 12 weeks you will:

  • Have learned all 10 principles of Intuitive Eating

  • Have identified some of the ways diet culture perpetuates the diet cycle, and keeps us dissatisfied with and disconnected from our bodies

  • Be ready to start building partnership with your body, rather than trying to control it

The benefits of joining include:

  • Getting access to 2 Intuitive Eating experts on a weekly basis

  • Receiving guidance and have questions answered in real time

  • Building community with like-minded fellow participants as you divest from diet culture

  • Confidence and trust in yourself as you move through your journey of Intuitive Eating


When: Every Tuesday, 12-1pm (starting 1/11 for 12 weeks)


Where: Anywhere in the United States! Weekly sessions are live and virtual.

For: Adults of all ages looking to build a healthier relationship with food.

Fee: $100 per group -- can be paid all up front, or in 3 equal monthly installments


Early bird discount: Sign up for the group before 12/20/21 and receive 1 group free!

Click below to start the process of joining this group. You will be sent a brief screening form to ensure you will benefit from the group. We will let you know whether you are approved, and will be in touch with next steps.


Therapy Groups


Please contact us if you would like to be notified when more groups become available.


We offer virtual appointments by phone or video using platforms that are fully secure and HIPAA-compliant.
We are committed to upholding the highest standard of care from the convenience and comfort of your own phone, laptop, or mobile device.
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