A multidisciplinary team providing skilled, compassionate care

We are a team of licensed psychologists and registered dietitians working collaboratively to provide inclusive, affirming professional services using evidence-based practices in our respective disciplines. We serve children, teens, adults, couples, and families. Whether you are an individual seeking psychotherapy or nutrition counseling, a fellow professional seeking training, or a community member seeking consultation, we look forward to exploring how we can best work together to meet your needs. 


Our clients benefit from a multidisciplinary collaboration between psychologists and dietitians, which is one of many strengths that sets our clinical services apart from those offered by other treatment providers. Our structure allows for a seamlessly integrated care experience in which multiple clinicians are truly able to function as one united team offering both breadth and depth of expertise. When treatment providers coordinate care in this way, the result is a client experience that is smoother, more efficient, and enriched by the perspectives of multiple types of professionals working together in close coordination as a small, close-knit team. Every Beyond Measure clinician has extensive experience treating eating disorders at multiple levels of care using a Health at Every Size® approach. We welcome clients addressing a wide variety of presenting concerns. (including: rd list and psych list?)

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